Get More Mileage From Your Carpet

“Just when I thought I was going to have to replace my carpet, along came Crawford Carpet Care… Wow, what a difference. I was able to see my carpet come back to life as almost new. I would recommend them to anyone for a professional and affordable service to your home or business carpet care.” ~Traci Dry

We Can Help With the Toughest Cases

“We were not sure how the carpet would turn out. Grandma had spilled coffee and dinner a time or two. The front door had a wide swipe of dirt and grease. It was very obvious where the throw rugs had been. Crawford Carpet Care stepped in and cleaned, or should we say restored the white carpet? It was amazing seeing it come back to life.” ~Susanne Altman

Our Team of 2 Makes the Difference

“Tom and Kim, I just wanted to thank you for a great job on my carpets. I have had other cleaners work on my carpets, and the job seemed okay but you two take it to a whole new level. It just shows that two people will do a more complete job than one, and the fact that you took longer than the one man crews, definitely showed in the final product. The carpets look, feel, and smell great. I’ll call you in a few months for another appointment. Thank you!” ~Mike Johnson

We Pay Attention to Detail

“Until you have had your carpets cleaned by Tom and Kim you have not had them cleaned at all! “Like new!” That was my first thought. The little things they do make the difference. Best price, best job, best people!!” ~Pat Oldham

We Do Autos

“Crawford Carpet Care did an amazing job of cleaning my auto carpet and leather. They were very thorough and have great attention to detail. I am looking forward to hiring them to clean my home and commercial carpet. I love that Tom and his wife are a 2 person team! More attention to my carpets and home!” ~Mel Birmingham

Your Satisfaction is Our Goal

“I had Crawford Carpet Care clean my carpets and can’t tell you how great they looked! I also recommended them to my neighbor, the receptionist at my dental office and a number of other people. You know you made a wise choice when you that every single person you recommended this business to was thrilled with the service and then recommended Crawford Carpet Care to their friends and families! This business is a great asset to our community!” ~Tricia Palmer

We Value Your Home

“#1 Concern when selecting a carpet care company – will I and my home be safe? With Crawford Carpet Care, there is no concern whatsoever and they go beyond clean carpets with wall and furniture protectors, pre-spotting, and vacuuming.” ~ Deleda Hein